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Keir & Co Land Compensation is a client focused enterprise which specialises in offering bespoke advice, guidance and representation on Land Compensation matters.

Many farmers and landowners will at some point find themselves embroiled in negotiations with a utility company or an Acquiring Authority to acquire either land or a right in land (or both!) to facilitate the construction of a scheme or project.

Such schemes/projects often include;

  • Electric Overhead Transmission Lines
  • Road Schemes
  • Paths/tracks
  • Railway Lines
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Water Pipelines
  • Flood Prevention Schemes

We can deal with all types of land compensation work and can advise; before, during and after the works - advising on the initial proposed siting/route of the scheme/project, right through to ensuring the reinstatement works are to a satisfactory standard at the end.

We can negotiate commercial terms on your behalf, including;

  • Land Price for the acquisition of land and/or acquisition of a right in land
  • Injurious Affection/diminution in value compensation of land - due to the scheme/project
  • Disturbance Compensation – such as crop loss claims etc
  • Compound Rental
  • Survey/Investigation Payments
  • Access Payments

We have the guile and skills to ensure a full and maximum compensation settlement is achieved and your interests are protected.

No land compensation claim is the same.  There is often a significant variance in property values, geography, land use and the impact which the scheme/project has on individual properties.  The negotiating of compensation claims can therefore be complex and challenging. There can also be a significant difference in negotiated settlements.   It is therefore important to have the right person negotiating on your behalf!

Please contact us and arrange a no obligation consultation.

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